Does It Have Everything YOU Need?

  • SPOTLESS, quiet 32,000 feet of fitness perfection
  • 100’s of machines and classes
  • Spectacular new aquatics center
  • FREE weight loss programs designed just for you
  • Time-tested on 49,532 members in 18 locations
  • Amazing KidZone fitness from toddlers to teens
  • Proven for all ages. For any fitness level.

Achieve your fitness goals faster, easier with the support of caring staff inside a world-class facility. These amazing programs WORK or you owe us nothing!

At Healthtrax, you can master your body’s deep fitness needs…and we’re willing to prove it without any contract or commitment.

With your FREE 10 days Healthtrax membership, you’ll also receive free babysitting in the KidZone, free group fitness classes, free use of the Aquatics Center, free functional and core screening, and a free personal fitness plan. All of this with no contract or obligation.

You can try Healthtrax without obligation
by filling out the form on the right

On the thank you page you’ll receive a certificate good for your 10 day FREE Healthtrax membership. Print this out or save it to your phone. A trainer will call you to schedule your private tour. All you need to do is show up and present your free 10 day membership certificate.  Set up your program and start exercising that day. In a few clicks you’ll be on the road to a healthier body…

From the desk of…

Dave Popivchak
General Manager
Kennedy Health Center

Dear Friend,

When anyone asks me “why should I join the new Healthtrax in Washington Township?” I simply say:

Because you will look better…feel better…and reduce stress automatically.

Because Healthtrax members reach their fitness goals…by making better choices. Because you will use fitness routines tested on millions of members in 18 locations…for over 35 years. Because your family stays safe and comfortable…in a first-class environment.

Get the body you want faster than you ever thought possible. Trainers design programs just for you. For any age, size, weight, weight, condition, or injury. The programs work because they are designed around your goals and limitations. You can workout at your own pace!

As you walk through the 2-story sun soaked atrium, a big smile greets you at the front door. An experience only Healthtrax offers in Washington Township…free WiFi in a relaxing and comfortable member lounge.

Here’s what you find on your tour:

What You’ll Discover Inside

More free than you ever thought possible:

SO Many Machines And Classes…You Exercise Without Waiting
  • Sprawling 32,000 square feet of Shiny New Equipment
  • Cardiovascular equipment with personal viewing screens
  • PRIVATE Women’s Workout Area (next to locker rooms)
  • 20-Minute Xpress Fitness Includes FREE Personal Trainer
3 Huge Group Exercise Studios For Classes
  • Group Power, Yoga, Pilates and Group Cycling
  • 2 racquetball courts
  • 1/2 court basketball
  • 42" plasma tv's throughout the Center
  • A KidZone for babysitting and kids programs
FABULOUS Aquatics Center. Whether you just want to sit in the sauna and relax your muscles or swim with your kids, this facility has it all.
  • The Perfect Lap Pool
  • Warm Water Dipping Pool
  • Warm Water Therapy
  • Noodles, Kickboards, Lifejackets
  • Unisex Whirlpool and Sauna
Support WAY Above And Beyond…That You Control
  • Coaching and face time
  • Personal training and group training
  • 87 Weekly Classes, 56% More Than Any Other Gym
  • 23 Part-Time Instructors, 12 Full-time Trainers

Trainers are onsite 24-7 to help you. So take a few seconds, fill out the form on the right and you’ll get to experience this amazing facility for yourself…FREE

Get In & Out...Faster

One of my personal pet peeves is waiting in lines…and that’s one thing you will never do at Healthtrax.

This is the most well-thought-out fitness center you can imagine. Ask any member. They will tell you the same.

  • Ample FREE parking in Washington Township center
  • Kids enjoy FREE Babysitting at the KidZone
  • Change in roomy “First Class” Locker Rooms
  • A few steps (no stair climbing) to fitness areas
  • NO waiting for any machine, EVER
  • NO waiting for any class, EVER
  • NO waiting for personal trainers, EVER

…feel clean and refreshed after your workouts.

“I just have to say that Healthy Start has been the best thing that my husband and I have ever invested in…5 weeks and we've changed our diet and our lives! Thanks to Joan and Stacie so far for all the best care and encouragement!”


  • Cherry locker rooms with 10 tiled shower stalls
  • All private with soap, shampoo & conditioner
  • 10 sinks with soap and mouthwash plus 8 toilets
  • Vanity stations with mirrors and FREE hairdryers
  • Sweat and bath towel service
  • Bathing suit ringer machine
  • Private changing rooms with door

This facility is designed to feel like you are at the Ritz.

Safety of the Highest Order Order

Onsite, you find physical therapy, family practice and pediatrics. That’s because Kennedy hospital stands behind this fitness center. Designed to help the injured get back in shape, every trainer is put through a rigorous transitional fitness class. Transitional fitness takes you from stretching to power workouts. From injury to marathon runner.

Trainers are also certified in CPR and other emergency measures. There have been times when members have had to be “revived.” The Healthtrax staff knows how to handle these emergencies and is always up to the challenge of keeping you safe and comfortable.

PLUS: White-Glove Inspections

  • Daily white glove inspections
  • Full time cleaning staff
  • Full time fitness director

You will not find one spec of dirt in this facility. Spotless. Antiseptic. Safety and cleanliness of the highest order!

“I have lost 45 pounds and more than 9 points on the chart. This puts me well on my way to being back to where I should be. The other component to my success has been the wonderful people who come to Healthtrax. We offer each other support and encouragement and share each other's journey. It is a winning combination.”

Margaret (Peebee)

“Every time I go to Healthtrax, I am most welcomed and encouraaged by your staff. Your team of trainers (Rick) has been positive and motivating. I look forward to getting back to your wide variety of classes as well as the pool and gym :)”


Perfect For Your Family

There is nothing like Healthtrax for child safety and fitness. Your kids will “want” to be at the gym…instead of giving you grief.

This facility is designed as a home away from home…

After major back surgery, cancer and triple bypass, my doctor recommended Healthtrax. My trainer, Matt, customized a program just for me that resulted in building 60 pounds of muscle in only 3 years.”

John, West Springfield MA Member

From free babysitting to age-appropriate activities, your kids will love it! Always supervised. Always safe. Always a great time.

Everyone Shares Your Values

Healthtrax takes pride in its members. People who spend so much time on their bodies and on their minds. Professionals. Families. People who appreciate quiet, clean workout rooms with plenty of breathing room.

There is a dress code. We require members to use equipment and free weight plates as if they owned them. One of the biggest pet peeves of our members is any kind of loud noises or grunting during workouts. The culture at Healthtrax is about health and wellness, not body building…and we make sure you feel comfortable.

In fact, I take personal responsibility for making sure that every member respects our code of conduct. From the second you walk into this facility, you will be treated first class.

Where motivated people like you stay young, feel fit & lose weightguaranteed

If you are not sure about joining a gym (or never had a good experience), consider this: Healthtrax runs the most effective fitness center in a 5-star location that is perfect for you and your family.

Try our proven methods without joining. Don’t join until you sample everything this amazing health center offers…without a contract…without any commitment whatsoever.

If after 30 days, these programs do not help you…if you don’t feel better about yourself…fit…energized… healthier…if Healthtrax is not “everything” you need, you walk away and owe us nothing.

I’m eagerly waiting to show you how to achieve your fitness goals…effortlessly. Please take a few moments and book your appointment now at 888-893-7491.

Yours for Good Health,

Dave Popivchak
General Manager
Healthtrax Washington Township

PS: You risk nothing by coming in for your no-obligation tour. Master your body’s deep fitness needs…in the comfort of 5-star luxury with the unending support of personal trainers and instructors who care as much about how you live as how you exercise. They are your OWN personal cheerleaders. And they are here to help you achieve your fitness goals now. Try us free by calling 888-893-7491 and booking an appointment.

PPS: You get a FREE 10 day Healthtrax membership with no obligation and no contract just by submitting a form now. Bring in your FREE 10 day membership certificate and receive FREE babysitting in the KidZone, FREE group fitness classes, FREE use of the Aquatics Center, FREE functional and core screening, and a FREE personal fitness plan. All of this with no contract or obligation. All programs are guaranteed to work or you owe us nothing. Just show your free membership certificate to the trainer at the front desk to get in!

“Best gym I've ever been a member at. A great friendly and helpful staff. Group trainers are "A" class. Love the extension of membership when you are on vacation.”


“I lost more than 30 pounds in a year. My friends ask me how I did this, and I say - HealthTrax. My trainer, Linda, customized a program just for me... eliminating all of my excuses not to exercise.”

Noreen, Avon CT Member

“I truly am happy with my decision to join this facility. The staff is always friendly and willing to help you out with any concerns or problems I may have.”

Bristol CT Member

This facility is tops and so are your trainers, your aerobics teachers and yoga teachers. This is one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life!”

Raleigh NC Member